Welcome to The Dynaflow site

Drummer Eduard Nijenhuis and bass player Jan Markus have contracted a musical cooperation partnership.
Eduard (The Hague) and Jan (Zoetermeer) have known each other for years. They have been playing music in the area of The Hague Blues society for more than 10 years.

At the moment they are the rhythm section in the Robbert Fossen Band and Robert Smith & the Dynaflow.

Also for years, from 2006 - 2012, Jan and Eduard have been the leading rhythm section of the monthly blues sessions at the Jan Pet Blueslokaal in The Hague. Moreover, they regularly stand-in as a duo, making music as a drummer and a bass player, whenever being permitted and or asked for a gig, all over the country.

Bass player Jan Markus and drummer Eduard Nijenhuis form a blues rhythm section pur sang. They sense each other's limits as no one else could. For years they have been building experience as a performing duo. Their job is well done and well known for the blues world. Their music creativity has a straight sound rhythm. From real USA-shuffles right down to slow blues music for everyone's needs.

At the beginning of 2011 Jan and Eduard set up The Dynaflow rhythm section. The name Dynaflow signifies the famous transmission of the trade-mark Buick from General Motors of the 50's. A very appropriate name for this musical partnership.

The Dynaflow is an experienced blues rhythm section. It is a recommendable formula for all blues musicians who would like to hire them for their rhythm section.


Jan Markus and Eduard Nijenhuis,

The Netherlands