Jan Markus, bass guitar player

Jan is an experienced musican. He started playing guitar at the age of 11 and started playing drums at age 14. In 1970, when he was barely 15 years old, he performed as a drummer in his own first band. Until 1985 he was very active in several bluesbands. Next to playing drums, he indulged himself to master guitar skills.

Up until 2004 he performed as a (solo)guitar player in several bands.
As of 2004 he qualified himself as a bass player. At this moment Jan is bassplayer in the Robbert Fossen Band and Robert Smith & the Dynaflow. He is also bassplayer in the european band from Willie Buck (USA), Tail Dragger (USA), Mark 'Muleman' Massey (USA) and Super Chikan (USA).

Jan has a great deal of blues experience playing with many different musicians. Just to name a few of them: Ber van Zanen, Kees Dusink, Magic Frankie, Pascal Lanslots, Fat Harry van Dorth, Robert Smith, Richard van Bergen, Willem van der Schoof, Little Boogie Boy, Wouter Kiers, Rob Orlemans, Eelco Gelling, Boy Mosterdijk, Boris van der Lek, John Primer, Bas Paardekoper, Nicko Christiansen, Bart van Ballegooien, Steven 'Little Steve' vd Nat, Tail Dragger, Bob Corritore, Mr. Boogie Woogie, Frenk van Meeteren, John Burki, Dave Chavez, Jeffrey van Duffelen, Super Chikan, Rip Lee Pryor, Ian Siegal, Archie Lee Hooker, Lola Gulley and many more.
He also performed with the international blues musician John Primer.

Jan's equipment is a Fender Precision bass and Fender Jazz bass. Jan plays on Hartke HA 5500 with a 4 x 10 inches Ampeg bass box and a 2 x 10 inches Ampeg bass box.

Photo: Peter Vroon