Eduard Nijenhuis, drummer

Eduard is a very creative drummer and he plays the beat with precision. Steve Gadd has had a great influence on him. He considers Steve as one of his examples and hero drummer.

By playing much abroad he developed his own style of music. He has also worked with the band Hypnoclan (jazz-rock, afro beat) and produced studio work and theatre productions.

At this moment Eduard is drummer in the Robbert Fossen Band and Robert Smith & the Dynaflow. He is also doing gigs with Tail Dragger (USA), Mark 'Muleman' Massey (USA), Little Jimmy Reed (UK) and Super Chikan (USA) when they are in The Netherlands for there European tours.

Eduard's musical career is impressive.
He has played with the following musicians: Ber van Zanen, Kees Dusink, Magic Frankie, Pascal Lanslots, Fat Harry van Dorth, Robert Smith, Richard van Bergen, Willem van der Schoof, Rene ten Cate, Nicko Christiansen, Vincent de Koning, George Benson, Karel de Rooy, Jan Reinen, Roy Hargrove, Mo Sax, Steamy Windows, Loud jazz, Wouter Kiers, Jos Diergaarde, Walter Nijenhuis en de Magic Brettels, Bart van Ballegooien, John Lagrand ,Thys Vlazsaty, Hypnoclan, Bas Paardekoper, Rinus Gerritsen, Jaap de Jonckheere, Jeen Rabs, Roy Cruz, Ger van Dijk, Boris van der Lek, John Primer, Arie Brouwer, Rob Lagendijk, Curtis Darby, Dicky Greenwood, Monique de Jong, Eef Guitar, Tail Dragger, Bob Corritore, Mr. Boogie Woogie, Frenk van Meeteren, Steven 'Little Steve'vd Nat, Dave Chavez, Super Chikan, Lil' Jimmy Reed, Bob Hall, Ian Siegal, Archie Lee Hooker, Lola Gulley and many more.

Eduard's equipment is a Yamaha Custom and Zildjian basin. In his opinion he considers music as a language which everyone understands.